Hi, I'm Tanner.

I'm a software engineer, designer, and mathematician. I enjoy building things for the web that are accessible and performant.

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Using Git for Contributing to Open Source

Posted on  • tagged with #git

To begin contributing to open-source software, you might want to become familiar with Git. Understanding the workflow of creating your own local copy of a repository and keeping it up to date with the upstream repository is integral to start creating PRs in public projects.

Add Search to a Static Site Using Custom Data Attributes

Posted on  • tagged with #javascript#eleventy

Creating search functionality for a static site isn't always easy. Luckily, using custom data attributes and a bit of JavaScript. You can filter blog posts by comparing the search input to post titles and visually hide posts that don't match the search query.

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I'm always interested in having a chat about software development. If you think my skills would align with your projects needs, I'd love to hear from you. I'm available at any of the social links below or by navigating to my contact page.